How To Make (New) Friends During Covid (MUST READ!)

During quarantine it is kind of challenging to find new friends....Is that really true?

It's true it could be confusing sometimes. I mean, when you finally arranged a romantic date during covid-19, you are not even able anymore to kiss them without talking about the corona hassle. True.

Even though an unexpected French kiss could be a way to find out if this person has the same opinions as you have about life these days (which is all pretty important to have a long-lasting relationship), it probably not the first thing you do when meeting up with your date in this time.

It's funny how people during covid are promoting love with words but doing the opposite. So throught:

Make love not war

...Maybe they need a new T-shirt?

This article is especially written for people who think: "nobody's likes me, I feel lonely, please like me, Am I cool to you" and so on.

CAUTION: Following these tips might make you feel happy afterwards and creates a big network of friends!

4 Tips on how to make new friends during covid with the help of

1. Buy a T-shirt with someones selfie portrait and read their story on our website. Wear their tshirt and make it visible on social media.

Yes, you can also start a YouTube channel on them. Why not? It hasn't been done yet. And besides, you won't be lonely anymore for long. It's called hardcore networking :). Be sure to share the love, because it will always return. Don't forget to add the hashtag #WeLikeYouWeShareYouWeRecommendYou when you proudly upload pictures wearing your new Tshirt on social media.


2. When your date asks you for a picture, instead buy a tshirt on for them with your selfie portrait.

It is funny, arty and you show your generous side right away. AND hey, if they don't like your portrait someone else probably wears it. That is what I mean, free expose to get more friends during covid-19.


3. Start a virtual clothing swap event on Facebook to exchange your Tshirts.

Make sure your T-shirts prints are all printed with your selfie portraits.


4. Share selfie portrait products on your social media accounts with the pink "honor" button below this page.

With this button you can let your friends interact with you on your and their portraits.


Ok, bye.


Ps. Tip 4: Don't take life too serious.

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